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Rainbows For a Rainy Day

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Eeboo Color Flashcards, 3+, $12.99

Maize! Ruby! Cobalt! Aubergine! How fun are these words to say? Pretty wonderful. These cards introduce colors and their unusual names and origins, while offering creative activities to practice and reinforce new vocabulary. Building color vocabulary expands the scope of what we notice, enhances visual acuity and gives precision to how we communicate with others.

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, 5+, $7.99

Make giant loops, little loops, spirals and more! What a fun toy to add to your outdoor or dress up collection. Dance around the room with this ribbon streamer and make your colorful rainbows fly about!

Squishable Snow Cone, 3+, $29.99

Sometimes rainbows are an illusion, but in the case of this Rainbow Snow Cone Squishable everything is right there for you to hug or snuggle! What a cheery friend to have on a wet rainy day. This Snow Cone doesn't even make a mess. So Cute!

Unicorn Poop, 5+, $4.99

Mystical, sparkly Unicorn Poop! This moldable putty is glittery and fun to play with! You can stretch it, bounce it and marvel at its magical glory. This would be a fun party favor for a unicorn or rainbow themed party.

Have a fun and colorful weekend!


What We're Reading: The Mermaid's Purse

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The Mermaid's Purse by Patricia Polacco

This was hands down my favorite new book this year! This true story of beloved author Patricia Polacco's grandmother is a heartwarming celebration of a love of reading and community.

During a raging storm in 1883 on a farm in Locke Center, Michigan a little girl was born with a caul, a birth membrane also called, “a mermaid’s purse”. Being born with a caul was rare and considered to be especially lucky. Estella was named after the single bright star that remained in the sky after the storm. She would be drawn to storms, and storms to her, all her life. She loved to read from an early age and collected and read every book she could get her hands on. When she fills a whole floor of her barn with books, her father enlists help to build her her own dear little library. She calls it, “The Mermaid’s Purse” because she was born in one and it blessed her life, just like her books do. With her little library she helps spread her infectious love of reading to her whole town. She reads to and tutors neighbor children, creates a traveling lending library on a goat cart she drives herself, and teaches the value of books to the farmers of her community. When a tornado rips through her town, destroying her home and little library, the townspeople band together to give back to the little girl who gave them so much. Ages 5-Adult

Thanks for the review, Chrissy!

Valentine Ideas For Your Little Sweethearts!

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Fluttering Heart Pillow Craft Kit, 4+, $17.99

Crafts are great! We love them. Kids love them. Also great? An easy craft that kids can do themselves with virtually no mess! Plushcraft makes fun no glue, no sewing pillow crafts which come with a plastic stylus that easily pushes colored fabric into the pre-cut holes. Everything you need is included and the result will make delightful room decor for your sweetie

Tenzi Dice Game, 7+, $14.99

A quick game is great! This one is so easy to learn and play, just roll your ten dice until you are the first to get all the same number showing and shout out "Tenzi!" Many variations can be made to add to the play. For instance, you could stack your dice into a tower, too! Heart pounding action!

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Tins, 3+, Prices vary from $2.99-$14.99

You are putty in my hands, Valentine! This magical putty is fun to stretch and tear, wonderful for fidgeters. Much like classic Silly Putty but Crazy Aaron's comes in many wonderful color assortments. We like this Amethyst Blush for Valentine season. It is heat sensitive which makes it change color! Hot stuff!

Good Luck Minis assorted styles, 3+, .50 cents each

Looking for fun non-candy items for classroom valentines? May we suggest good luck minis! A little giraffe or duck would be so cute tucked into a handmade note. Sweet without sugar! Kids love little treasures any time of year!

Eeboo Valentine Packs, 32 cards per pack, $7.99

Eeboo is one of our very favorite brands. The illustrations are so charming and colorful! These valentine packs include enough for your whole class, plus 2 teacher cards! There is Animal Village (pictured here), Speedy (with transportation theme), and Good Friends! Lots of design variety in each package.

We are full of other ideas for your valentines! Parachute men, finger puppet monsters, playing cards, bouncy balls, small gliders, sticker books, markers, yo-yos, small plush animals, and more! Come on over and we'll give you some heartfelt suggestions.

-Child's Play



What We're Reading: Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

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Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by: Phillip Hoose

Before there was Rosa Parks there was Claudette Colvin. On March 2, 1955, when Claudette was only 15, she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white woman on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.  Unlike Rosa Parks, she was shunned by her classmates and the leaders of her community. Her actions however helped lay the groundwork for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 
Based on extensive interviews with Claudette and many others, this is the first in-depth account to be written about this important but little known figure. It is chock full of photos and quotes of inspiring figures in bold and varied type. I found this very engaging and I couldn’t put it down! It really helps one understand what it was like to live during such a pivotal time. A winner of multiple awards including the National Book Award and Newbery Honor! Ages 12+



What We're Reading: Martin's Big Words

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Martin’s Big Words by: Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated by: Bryan Collier

A book profiling the life and words of the legendary civil rights leader Dr: Martin Luther King Jr. It starts with his boyhood in the segregated South. King, saddened by the “white only” signs he would see everywhere, is told by his mother that he is, “as good as anyone.” His father, a preacher, inspires him with big words when he preaches a gospel of love and togetherness. King emulates his father when he grows, using his own big words powerfully when he talks, preaches to, sings with and marches alongside his fellow black Americans in his fight to end segregation.

The collage illustrations by Bryan Collier are dramatic, bold and affecting! A winner of multiple awards including Caldecott, Coretta Scott King Honors and New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book! This makes a great addition to any kid's library. Ages 5-8.