Child's Play Toy Store in Portland


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Hello there! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is currently enjoying the Portland sunshine :)  It's so warm that some of us even walked to work without our mittens on.


Over the weekend we got new Moovie iPhone skins!  We carried the Moovie bookmarks and notepads before, and they were a huge hit!  We even made this great movie about them.

  The Age of Moving Pictures (click the link to watch the video!)

The iPhone skins are available in clown fish, tiger, hummingbird and penguin, $8.99.

And, on the topic of phones, check out the Monster Manor app from Alex toys.  Create your own monsters, write monster stories, learn about matching, colors and more!  Ages 3-6.  Click here for more details.


And, for the adults out there, cell phones were recently released as public phone numbers.  If you've been receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers, call 1-888-382-1222 to add your number to the do not call list.  You must call from the phone number you would like blocked.

Have an incredible day!

-Child's Play