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What We're Reading: Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator

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Happy Halloween!  Oh gosh, well, I guess it's not quite Halloween yet, but what's wrong in celebrating a bit early!  We've been reading spooky, halloween-ish books all month, and today's review is no exception.  Mysteries, ghosts, haunted houses, weird relatives, this one's got it all!  The review is below, but hey, before you read the review - don't forget to swing by the store tomorrow (in costume, of course!) to get a Halloween Prize!  Pinwheels, stickers, who knows what ghoulish ware you'll go home with! Ok, on with the book review, brought to you by our very own book expert, Chrissy!


This is the first of a fun series sure to be a hit with spirited and sassy girls, and mystery fans alike! Thirteen-year-old Gilda Joyce is a self styled Psychic Investigator. Armed with her Master Psychics Handbook, her trusty typewriter (previously owned by her father, Nicholas Joyce, now deceased), her finely honed intuition and impeccable fashion sense, Gilda sets out to solve haunting at a time!

In this first book of the series, after wrangling a trip to San Francisco to visit with relatives, Gilda discovers just how much her stiff and mysterious cousin and his delicate daughter need her help to uncover a dark family secret that has a tortured ghost haunting their home. Recommended for ages 8+.

Have a spook-tacular day!

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