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Star Wars in the Store!

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We just got some great, new star wars toys!  Check 'em out! Toys_in_Portland_uncle_milton_force_glove

Do you have the power to control the force?  Use the magnets in the glove to push or pull objects - like a lightsaber or a droid.  No batteries needed, just your jedi concentration skills.  Yoda says, "Discover the power of magnets, you will."

Toys_in_Portland_r2_d2_micro viewer

This is no ordinary micro-viewer.  Besides being the shape of R2D2 (!!!) it comes with 12 Star Wars specimens to discover!  See what the threads of Yoda's robe, Chewie's fur and lightsaber crystals look like close up!  Want to check out the world around you?  Remove the magnifier, and get going!

And, this Saturday...


Have a galactic day!

-Child's Play