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Things to do Inside and Outside

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Happy Monday!  Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend and got out to enjoy a sunny, dry Saturday! Today's weather can't quite seem to make up it's mind.  One minute rain, the next minute sun, then wind...brr.  So, we thought we'd share a few toys to match the weather.

During sun breaks -

Run outside and try out a Spooner board.  These toys were brand new at Christmas and we just got restocked!  Practice all your best tricks - 180 spin, Sit 'n' Spin, The Flipper, The Cave Man, The Shuv It.  Click the link to see more:


Spooner Board Promo Video

When it starts to rain, run inside to play the brand new Roll & Play by ThinkFun


This fun game is for children 18 months and up.  It has a GIANT, soft dice that coordinates with 6 color coded action cards.  Roll the cube, identify the color, pick that color card and have fun acting it out together.  Where else can you win the game by mooing like a cow, rubbing your belly, and counting to 5!

We're busy unpacking lots more new merchandise!  Stop by to check everything out!

Have a super day!

-Child's Play