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Flashback: Our Favorite Childhood Toys, part 1

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This week we're waxing nostalgic about our staff and their favorite childhood toys.  First up are Anne and Margaret! portland_toys_kids_keyboard

Doesn't Anne look adorable with her tiny piano?!  Her mom says she loved that piano.  Anne says, "I did not love playing a real one much. Must have been the red and tiny size which appealed. Also I had a captive audience!!"


Margaret, our beloved manager is pictured above holding her beloved doll Ling Ling.  Her and her sister are always wearing adorable matching Christmas PJs!

Looking to get a baby doll of your own?  We just got in new 18" Adora Friends dolls!


Long hair to brush and braid, adorable clothes, great quality, and they come with two friendship bracelets - one for you and one for your doll!  Additional clothing and shoes available.

P.S. The clothes fit American Girl dolls!

Have a swell day!

-Child's Play