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5 Things #3

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Hello there! We're back with our third installment of 5 Things. Our weekly post featuring 5 things we love that have hardly anything to do with the toy store. Hope you love them too!

1. Baby Elephants

We're a sucker for cute things (we work at a toy store, so yeah, cute things are our jam,) and this baby elephant taking a bath is the cutest. The trunk flailing at around 30 seconds is the best!

2. Movie Theater Popcorn

We've been spending a lot of time at the movies. Movie theaters are air conditioned. It's a godsend. We also love snacks (see the giant break room jar of pretzels in 5 Things #1) and snacks go great with movies! Have you tried the popcorn at The Hollywood Theater?! It's the best! Seriously. They add the perfect amount of butter and salt. You can even get Indian spiced popcorn!

3. Onigiri

Learn how to make Onigiri at

Learn how to make Onigiri at

Our girl Zena is totally into Japanese cooking at the moment, and has turned us all onto onigiri. Onigiri are rice balls usually wrapped with seaweed and filled with something salty or sour, like pickled plums or salmon. It makes rice super portable. Portland snacks, we can get behind that. Do you have a favorite onigiri place in Portland? According to the internet, in California there are whole restaurants devoted to just onigiri. Yum.

4. Sitting in trees

It's the simple things in life; hugs, waving hello, belly laughs, ice water. Sitting in trees makes that list too. None of us had sat in a tree in a long time. Too long actually. It was soothing, joyous, nostalgic, all the good emotions wrapped into one. No need for actively trying to meditate, that'll just come naturally. You should try it. 

#5 Tweezerman 4 in 1 Pocket Nail File

This little guy is a powerhouse! It shapes, smooths, buffs and shines, plus it fits in even a clutch purse. Perfect for travel or wedding party emergency kits. It'll fix those nails up in a jif! We got ours at Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd. 

What are you loving?

-Child's Play