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5 Things #6

5 ThingsMegan PeronaComment

Today is Friday. It's been a long week for us, what about you? Cool. In between summer vacations, ice cream cones, the usual piles of laundry and making dinner with the scraps of the pantry we found 5 things that we really love. Like really love.

#1 Square Dancing with Bugs Bunny

#2 Fried Olives

We spied these olives in a sponsored Facebook ad. It was kismet. We have kindred spirits with these olives. Have you made them? We can't wait. Time to schedule a staff party!

#3 The Church of Chicken

There is a giant, abandoned chicken church in the forest in Indonesia. It's like a bizarre dream. It's even holding it's beak open mid-squawk! The whole story and more photos are at the link above.

#4 Ant Man

Did you guys see Ant Man? It's fantastic, with just the right amount of humor and campiness. At one point there's a GIANT Thomas the Tank Engine! We highly recommend it. It's not really violent, but the ants could potentially be scary, so we're thinking ages 8+.

#5 Blackberries

They're tart, they're sweet, the juices stain your hands and lips. Oh man, blackberries. We swoon for you. These gems are just hitting their stride and we are gobbling up as many as we can. We like them just on their own, but we wouldn't turn down a nice berry pie. What's your favorite way to eat berries?

Those are our current loves. What are yours?

-Child's Play