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A Cozy Cup of Tea

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Winter is a time for coziness and celebration!  Cozy meaning thick tights and hot cups of tea (or cocoa).  Celebration meaning fancy clothes and sparkly things.  Do you know what the perfect blend of the two is? A winter tea party!


This lovely 17 piece set is BPA and PVC free, food safe and perfect for all types of tea - real and pretend!  We love the flower petal lids and butterfly details on the spoons.  Fancy a cuppa?


And, while preparing your tea you'll want to make sure your little one's tea party outfit is safe.  Tie on a Fun Time apron from The Piggy Story and you won't need to worry!  These aprons come in 2 different styles, and several patterns, including Doggie Diaries (pictured above).  The best part is that these aprons aren't just for the kitchen - toss one on anytime your play might get a little messy!


If going out for tea sounds like more fun, check out Red Tricycle's list of local, kid-friendly tea rooms.  Click here to view the list.  Pinkies up!

Have a prim and proper and cozy and snuggly day!

-Child's Play