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A Game, a Book and a Bozo

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crossways_board_games_Portland Easy to learn, quick to play, lots of fun!  Play a card, place a marker and work your way across the board.  Be the first to complete a path across the board and you win!  But, watch out for your opponents - they can block your way or remove your markers.  The path to victory is not always straight, but it's always fun!


This Caldecott Honor winner is a new Child's Play favorite!  In the midst of winter, in a gray gray town, Annabelle finds a box of very colorful yarn that seems to never run out, no matter how many sweaters she knits!! The whole town is wearing something bright (including pick up trucks!), when a rich archduke arrives wanting the magical box for himself…  Sweet story, adorable illustrations.  Ages 4+


Bop him in the nose and watch him bounce right back!  The original Bozo bop bag is back - squeaky nose, durable vinyl, and sand filled base will provide hours of fun.  BOP!

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