Child's Play Toy Store in Portland


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Need a new rainy day activity?  How about magic?!  Amaze your friends and family with some professional tricks for the beginner! Portland_toys_melissa_and_doug_discovery_magic_set

This is an excellent starter set - four tricks, solid wood pieces, easy to perform.  Learn the secrets of The Chamber of Illusion, The Magic Jewel Box, The Color Changing String and The Sword in the Stone.


This kit is full of seriously baffling magic to amaze and impress!  Includes special magic props and an exclusive hardback book of secret instructions to perform mind reading, card tricks, money magic and levitations - everything you need to be a master magician!


This might not be magic, but it still looks like fun for a rainy day.  Similar to the magic kit by Marvin's Magic, the box includes special props and a book of instructions.  Pranks include:  realistic coffee spill, computer screen crack, amazing sponge rock, scary spider trap, fly in an ice cube and more!

Have a fun day!

-Child's Play