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After School Pokemon Training - Wednesday at 3:30!

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Need a deck? We've got you covered. A Pokemon deck is 60 cards with a mix of Pokemon, energy and trainer cards. Here are the decks we currently have in stock. Looking for card packs? We have those too!

Pokemon Trainer Kits, Ages 6+  $14.99

Trainer Kits are our top pick for beginners. The kit comes with two 30-card decks and a play mat with easy-to-follow directions. Play both decks against each other, then combine them to create one full-size deck.

Pokemon Theme Deck, Ages 6+  $14.99

Theme decks are a great second step after completing a training kit. They include enough cards to get playing, plus a play mat and rule sheet. Choose between the Night Striker, Burning Spark, Sky Guardian or Battle Ruler themes.

Gotta catch 'em all!

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