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All-in-One Halloween Costumes

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Costumes by Melissa & Doug, Sized for ages 3-6  $29.99  

Melissa & Doug make some of the best costume sets! Each set comes with everything you need (the pilot costume even comes with a jet steering wheel!)  Trick or Treat as any of the sets shown above, or a Veterinarian, Rock Star, Superhero, Doctor, Cowboy, Ballerina, or Fairy.

Color-a-Cape by Great Pretenders, Ages 4+  $19.99

Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and a cape - outfit complete!  Choose from Rocket Man or Super Hero.  Capes are white with black and gray outlines.  Color in your cape with whichever colors you choose!  Comes with water based markers.  Machine washable.  It's like making your own costume, but only having to do the fun part.  

Carnival Dress by Pink Poppy, Ages 3-4  $44.99

Have a fairy princess in your midst?  This multi-colored dress is perfect for princess or fairy costumes.  The tiara and wings pictured are also available.  High quality materials will definitely last through more than one Halloween.  So pretty!

What are you trick or treating in this year?

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