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We love that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from finishing even the simplest of craft projects. They might not always look exactly like the example on Pinterest, but they are handmade and lovely nonetheless. The kits below are great and come out just like the photos, or not depending on what you're going for. Let us know if you try any of them. We'd love to share your accomplishment!

Puppet Making Kits by Cate & Levi, Ages 7+ $19.99

Be the maker with these one-of-a-kind kits. Each kit includes reclaimed wool to make your puppet out of. Choose from unicorn, dog, giraffe or monkey. There's a stuffed animal dog kit too!

Cuddly Cat Pillow Kit by Orb Factory, Ages 5+ $17.99

Everyone needs a cuddly cat pillow! These fabric by number kits are the best. Use the punch stylus to pop in the fabric squares and before you know it you're pillow will be complete! Great for a potentially rainy afternoon.

Cupcakes & Cake Pops Kit, Ages 8+ $19.99

Ready to get creative in the kitchen? These cakes look tricky, but the step by step guide will walk you right through it. Make robot cake pops! A cupcake that looks like an ice cream cone! Big bellied robin cake pops and more!

Artfolio by The Piggy Story, Ages 3+ $17.99

If pre-assembled kits aren't your thing, this artfolio will let your imagination soar. Each folio comes with a rainbow of crayons and a sketch pad. Choose from pink elephants, whales, bears, a scottie dog or t-rex.

What have you made lately?

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