Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Attention Space Cadets!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Hello from Star Command! We have a brand new Space section in our Transportation department!  And, our science section is not lacking for space themed fun!  If you're a future Space Ranger, we've got all your needs covered.

Want to eat like an astronaut?  Check out Astronaut Ice Cream.


Need to brush up on your space knowledge?  We've got books, puzzles, star projecting flashlights and more!  Check out these great "Reach for the Stars" Space Flashcards.


Room decor?  Pick up some Glow in the Dark Stars, Moons and Supernovas (starting at $4.99).  Or make your own Solar System Mobile ($19.99).  If your ceiling is still lacking after all of that, hang up a Self-Orbiting Space Shuttle!  Turn it off, give it a push and watch it go!


After studying, decorating and snacking, you'll definitely need some toys to have fun with!  We've got awesome play sets, including Shuttle Launch and Space Exploration.  If you just need one rocket or figurine, we've got that too.   Space Blasters, Rockets and Aliens are all on hand, as well.  And, coming soon, Educo's Discovery Spaceship!  It's like a dollhouse for space rangers!


To infinity and beyond!

-Child's Play