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Portland_Toys_noggin_stik At first glance this new toy may appear to be a simple rattle, but it has so much more to offer...teether, mirror, color changing lights, bumpy textures, and a friendly smiling face.  Developed by a child development specialist, this rattle has everything a new parent will need to help baby develop one smart noggin.  Plus, a Parent Guide is included with ideas for play from birth to 18 mos.  Need more endorsements, check out these first hand reviews.


Shake, shake, shake...shake, shake, shake...shake those rattles, shake those rattles!  These adorable socks and wrist rattles will help baby discover their hands and feet, strengthen muscles by shaking and kicking, and all the textured fabrics will be a great sensory introduction.  Plus, baby will be cute as a bug!


Well, it's not a toy, but it's definitely something any new mom would appreciate.  That cute clutch on the left holds wipes, 3 diapers, and folds out to a 19" x 28" wipeable changing pad.  Woah!  That is multi-functional, minimalist and kind of mind blowing.

What is your favorite baby shower gift idea?

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