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Back to School: Supplies

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Of course you need pencils, notebooks, erasers, and glue sticks - but, here's a few helpful (and fun!) items you might not have thought of! Portland_Toys_darth_vader_alarm_clock_lego

Alarm Clocks are a must to wake up your sleepyheads.  A fun alarm clock might (just maybe..) make waking up early just a little more pleasant.  If Legos and Star Wars aren't your thing, we also have Nature Calls Alarm Clocks with real animal sound alarms!


This is the perfect paper for your future author and/or artist!  Each sheet has two sections - one for writing and one for drawing.  Plus, the writing areas are 3-lined to help little hands print with beautiful penmanship!


Making sure everyone is getting in their reading time is so much easier with these handy Mark My Time Bookmarks!  The countdown timer sounds the alarm when daily reading time has been met, while the cumulative timer stores up to 100 hours.  Plus, there's a 60-second fluency timer!  Also, available with a built-in booklight!


Why write with a pencil when you can write with a scented pencil?!  Available in scents such as Tropical Blast, Bubble Gum and Red Licorice, these pencils will perk up any study session!

Have a quite studious day!

-Child's Play