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Balance Bikes: the new toddler ride-on

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elephant_on_tricycle In the world of "pre-bicycle ride-on toys," tricycles are the original players.  Three wheels, basic steering functions, no balance required.  Then came Kettler tricycles with their push bars, ability to lock the steering function and loads of attachments.  Big Wheels had a nice hey day in the 70s and 80s, although older kids got a kick out these too.  (Also, this is an awesome commercial:  Big Wheels Tv Ad 1975)  And today, Balance Bikes are the it ride-on toy for your toddlers and busy bees.

The theory goes like this:  the hardest part of learning to ride a bike is to keep your balance, so why not teach that part first.  Once a child knows how to steady themselves, and manipulate their balance, adding pedals for more speed will be easy.  So, many of today's toddlers learn to ride a balance bike - a pedal-less bicycle.  We offer 3 different styles, two in wood, one in metal.  They are all high quality, sized about the same and will help your child progress to a bicycle quickly.  The prices are even the same!  Really, the decision comes down to which one you like the look of best.




Have a balanced day full of fun and happiness!

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