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Birthday Wish Lists

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Hey Kids!  Let your parents know exactly what you'd like for your birthday!  Stop by the store, grab a Birthday Wish List and fill in all your most coveted toys & books.  Then, take the list home, show mom & dad, grandma & grandpa, aunts & uncles, your dog (don't let him eat the list), and anyone else who will be getting you a gift.  Happy Birthday for sure!Portland_Family_Fun_Birthday_Wish_ListHey Parents!  Once your kiddo brings a Birthday Wish List home, call or email us with any questions.  If you have out-of-town loved ones who would like to purchase a few toys, have them call the store.  We'd be happy to place a credit card purchase over the phone, then have the item ready for anyone to pick up - wrapped or unwrapped!  We could even ship the gift somewhere! Hopefully this makes birthday shopping at least a little easier for everyone!  Let us know if you have any feedback on the new wish lists!

Have a happy day!

-Child's Play