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Blazing Fast: Max Traxx RC Tracer Racers

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Max Traxx Dual Lane RC Racing: Infinity Loop Set, Ages 6+ $119.99

Welcome to the new evolution of Max Traxx. From the company that brought you Marble Racers (the light-up cars that come in a tube with a downhill track), we now have the Max Traxx dual-lane, remote control, infinity loop racetrack! Say that ten times fast. 

 Each kit includes 46 feet of track, a loop, and two remote controlled cars, Similar to slot cars, but so much more advanced. The remotes are cordless with a 30 ft. range. No batteries needed - just recharge the vehicles. The track glows in the dark! The vehicles are "Tracer Racers," meaning they leave a light trail behind them. And, the best part, the cars go up to 500 mph scale speed. Blazing fast! 

These are going to be an in-demand Christmas item! Pick one up soon! 

Max Traxx Dual Lane RC Racing: Infinity Loop Set, Ages 6+ $119.99