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Blocks: Not just for toddlers

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Hello. Was there snow at your house this morning?  One of our staff had just enough at her house to make a mini snow mammoth.  Anyone else make a snow creature?

Well, since we're talking about building things, let's talk about blocks.  Blocks are an excellent toy.  Cloth and soft rubber blocks start as early as 6 mos.  Alphabet and number blocks are great for 2 years & up.


There's also magnetic blocks, plank-style Citiblocks and even "whimsy blocks".  Aren't these farm blocks from Melissa & Doug adorable?  There's a castle set too!


And, the other awesome thing about blocks?  They can be a cool gift for adults too!  How awesome would these Elemental Blocks look in an office?


Have a warm and toasty day!

-Child's Play