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Board Game-A-Palooza!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Woah!  It's a Board Game-A-Palooza in here!  We're all board game lovers here at the store, and we're all stocked up on our current favorites!  Stop in and we'll be happy to help you pick a game that will be a great fit for you and your family.  Possibly one of these... Toys_in_Portland_super_bingo_kids_board_game

Spin the barrel to get a numbered ball, call out the number and let the fun begin!  Fun for rainy days, parties, family reunions, picnics - anytime!


Take turns planting your bamboo forest by putting your colored bamboo rings on the shoots!  Get four rings in a row and win!  Plays just like Connect Four, but so much prettier and sustainable!  Made out of bamboo.


In this “press & spin” (which is just as cool as “pop-o-matic”) card game, you’re trying to harvest the garden without running into any hungry rabbits!  Perfect for Easter baskets!  Ages 3+

What's your family's favorite board game?

Have a fun-filled day!

-Child's Play