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Booties, a Board Game and a Craft Project

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Toys_in_Portland_beastly_booties_rich_frog Monster feet for your little ones!  Or frog or duck feet, if that's more your thing.  Great baby shower gift!  Super soft fabric, machine washable, fits up to 6 months.


Mobilize your fingers for the ultimate six-sided skirmish!  Field an army of cubes and then place them strategically on the board, then flick your dice to try to knock your opponent's king off the board.  Strategy and action!  2 players, 15 min. play time.

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My Embroidery Kit or My Sewing Kit, Ages 7+  $24.99 each

Get your craft on with these beginner embroidery and sewing kits.  Use the embroidery kit to start embellishing sweaters, jeans, backpacks, headbands, dishtowels for mother's day and more!  Everything you need to get started is included.  With the My Sewing Kit you'll get 125 sewing essentials and easy instructions for making your own stuffed friends.

We've got lots of other fun, new toys!  Stop in and check it out!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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