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Buy it now and save it for the holidays! #donebyhalloween

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Now is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping! 

  • Free Gift Wrap! We'll even label your gifts so you know whose is whose.
  • Beat the crowds.
  • Need a special item? We can order it for you, without any shipping fees.
  • Our favorites are in stock! Last week, we highlighted three of our top wish list items for 2016. Scroll down to see the next three! 

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set, Ages 18 months - 5 years  $49.99

Shoot and score with this first basketball set from Little Tikes. Adjustable to 6 different heights, up to 4 feet. We love the over-sized basket for easy scoring. Helps develop social and motor skills, plus coordination. Fill the base with sand for extra stability. 

Perfect Petzzz, Ages 3+  $34.99

The original breathing huggable pet! Your new snoozing puppy or kitten is super soft and the best pet ever. Complete with pet bed, brush and adoption certificate.  When you see your preschooler brushing their new pet, your heart will melt. Seriously.

Kingii Dragon Robot Kit, Ages 10+  $49.99

Build your own robot pet! Whimsically kooky and fun to build. The Kingii Dragon Robot uses infrared sensors that are programmed for "escape" or "approach me." Depending on the setting, your dragon might run to you, spread his frill, or scurry away. Leave the robot unattended and it might approach you like a pet lizard! Assembly required.

What's on your holiday list?

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