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Calico Critter Gift Sets - Get those Christmas lists ready!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Adventure Treehouse Gift Set, Ages 3+  sale price $89.95 (regular price $109.95)

Don't miss this limited deal!  Calico Critter's Adventure Treehouse, plus 3 critters, 3 furniture sets and accessories!  All for $89.95, regularly $109.95.  Get it now, let us wrap it with a big red and green bow, hide it in the closet and you are all set for Christmas!

Cloverleaf Townhome Gift Set, Ages 3+  sale price $99.95 (regular price $129.95)

This set is just as awesome as the other, just depends on if you prefer townhomes or treehouses, kind of like a city versus country thing.  This set includes the mansion-sized townhome, 2 bunny critters, plus over 50 pieces of furniture and accessories!

Which are you going to pick up?

-Child's Play