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Calico Critters are Adorable!

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Hello everyone! So, in honor of our Calico Critter Fun Day & Easter Celebration on Saturday here's a peek at some of our favorite Calico Critter gear!


First, you need some critters.  Meet Midnight, Peppermint and Angelica - the Tuxedo Cat Triplets!  Fuzzy and poseable with removable clothes, they're too adorable to pass up.  Triplet babies are also available in meerkat and penguin!


Now those kitties need somewhere to live and the Cozy Cottage is a great fit.  We like that it comes with everything you need - kitchen accessories, dining room furniture, a bed and a bunny.  Not too big, but not too small.  It's a great bang for your buck!


Need a little more furniture?  We've got everything from couches to nurseries to master bathrooms!  Plus, the two new sets shown above - Sister's Loft Bed (with a secret mirror!) and the Living Room Suite.


And, of course you need a train!  All Aboard!

Don't forget about our Calico Critter Promotion!  For every $20 spent on Calico Critter toys, you get a Calico Critter Family for 50% off!!  Hurry before it’s too late!

Hope you have a cheery day!

-Child's Play