Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Classics (new and old)

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Frontier Logs, 160 pieces, Ages 4+  $49.99

Just like Lincoln Logs, these Frontier Logs will be an instant hit!  Build forts, shoot log catapults, build your dream house - let your imagination grow!  Plenty of pieces to create a whole town.

Deluxe Rummy-O, Ages 6+  $17.99

Just like the classic Rummikub, this fast-paced rummy tile game is fun for the whole family!  Easy to learn, but challenging enough to keep everyone engaged.  A little bit of logic, a little bit of strategy and a touch of luck.  Great for a beach house stay!

My Fabulous Lookbook by Klutz, Ages 8+  $19.99

Fashion drawings by you!  Custom-designed portfolio pages, glittery stickers, artists' pencils and 70 pages of art starters are all included.  We know you'll be able to make it work!

What new toys do you think will be the new classics?

-Child's Play