Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Comic Book Cards, Gold Fever and a throw-back favorite!

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Portland_toys_comic_book_plyaing_cards Increase the action in your card games with these powerful playing cards.  52 card standard deck with images of your favorite comic book characters.  DC and Marvel characters available, plus special Villain or Hero packs.


Be a prospector!  Learn to pan for gold!  Kit includes 7" miner's pan, a bag of pay dirt, magnifying glass, pipet, tweezers, storage flask and panning guide.  Awesome!


Introduce your children to one of your childhood loves.  Simon is back with the same flashing lights, sounds and challenge.  Choose from one of the original three games and find out if you can conquer the colors!

There's tons of other fun, new things:  tiny gem bottles, wooden 3-D car and animal puzzles, pull toys from Brio, adorable puzzles from Eeboo, dress-up butterfly wings, paint-your-own vases and tea sets, the newest installment in the Wildwood series, dueling Stomp Rockets...we could on, but you should just come by and see.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

-Child's Play