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Crafty Season!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Winter is the perfect time for crafts.  Cozy socks, warm fire going, cups of toasty cheer poured...a craft project fits right in!  Right now we're totally loving these craft kits: Holiday_Toys_Fluffy_Soda_Pop_Scarf

It's chilly out there and a scarf will undoubtedly help beat the winter shivers.  What's the best type of scarf to have?  A handmade one, of course!  This kit comes with everything you need to make your very own rainbow scarf!  Purple or pink based rainbows available.



Make a chick, bear or squirrel keyring!  Everything you need is included.  The pieces are even already cut, so you can jump right to the sewing!


Are paper and paint more what you're looking for?  These new Artistics magic paint sets are amazing!  Water color paint sticks only where the image is, so it's impossible to "color outside the lines"!  It's kind of like a modern take on paint by numbers (but without the numbers).  Four magic canvases are included in every set.  Large and small size canvases available.

Have a crafty day!

-Child's Play

P.S.  If you're free this weekend Crafty Wonderland is happening at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday, 11am-6pm both days.  Click here for more details!