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I’m Trying to Love Spiders Words & Pictures by Bethany Barton 

What do you do when you see a spider? Do you kiss it? Smile & back away? Squish it? Run away screaming? This book is told from the perspective of someone trying to love spiders. It teaches a lot of reasons why spiders are cool, and although it might not be easy, why we should try to love them too. Think about it: Spiders are pretty awesome! They’re like these little bug ninjas with super powers. They have eight eyes, can walk up walls.. Oh no! Is that a spider! SQUISH IT! SQUISH IT! Okay, so maybe I’m not good at loving spiders just yet. But I’m still going to try! Do you know that a single spider can eat up to 75 lbs of bugs a year! That’s super helpful, right? Without spiders the earth would be covered in bugs! I see another spider. Here goes! There, there spider! (pat pat). Not so bad! Run free! I DID IT. I loved a spider! This book is great for helping a child overcome a very common fear! Great for kids ages 5-7.