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Dance Like a Chicken Day!

ToysMegan PeronaComment


Today is National Dance Like a Chicken Day!

Here's some chicken toys to get you in the right frame of mind!


In this cooperative game everyone helps Mother Hen get her chicks back to the coop.  But, watch out for the sly fox!  This is a great first game, and introduces the concepts of turn taking, cooperation, following directions and develops counting skills.


Fling your chicken through the air!  Hit the target, win points!  Awesome!  The game comes with 4 rubber chickens, target and score card.  Great outdoor or indoor fun!  If you want just the chickens, we have those too!  Rubber chickens available for $9.99 each.


Or, if you need something cuddly this chick is lookin' for some snuggles!

Have a cluck-tastic day!

-Child's Play