Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

CraftsMegan PeronaComment Have you checked out  It's a site dedicated to making and doing, in which you "do challenges, share what you make and earn skill patches."  Skills range from Camper and Bike Mechanic to Entomologist and Rocketeer.  Once you choose a skill to earn there are challenges for you to choose from.  For example, if you want to earn a Yeti patch you need to complete 3 challenges, which could be make snow goggles, cook a stew and make something warm.

The site is geared toward all ages with challenge ideas varying in difficulty, time needed and supervision needs.  This is a great way to get anyone, kid or adult, interested in a new hobby.  Plus, you get to pick a really cool animal icon to use with your profile!

Have a crafty day!

-Child's Play