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DIY: Surprise Eggs!

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Hello! On Saturday five lucky kids are going to go home with a Surprise Egg!  What is a Surprise Egg, you ask?  It's a crepe paper ball (or egg) with toys wrapped in each layer.  Start unraveling and find all sorts of fun!


Want to make your own?  Awesome!  We followed this tutorial from Not Martha, the link is here (and we "pinned"it too!)  Surprise Balls.  A few tips:  1.  It's a great time saver to use a pre-cut roll of crepe paper instead of cutting strips.  Also, the roll allows you to twist and pull tight while wrapping.  2.  Instead of starting with a plastic ball or egg and filling it with something, we just used a round or egg shaped toy.

And, for your surprises, drop in and check out all the fun treasures we have near the cash register!  We've got all your needs covered: bouncy balls, rings, tops, finger puppets, wind-ups, miniature animals, japanese erasers and more!  And, right now we have an Easter display full of all things spring-y and basket appropriate!

Have a bright and colorful day!

-Child's Play