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Djeco: Adorable French Toys

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Djeco is a french company that specializes in all things adorable!  They hire illustrators from around the world to adorn their products with images that are too cute to be just for kids!  I mean, look at this: Toys_in_Portland_djeco_pretty_wood_paper_toys

To make your own menagerie of critters, all you have to do is punch out, fold and glue!  Cleanly photographed instructions are included for everyone's convenience.  The deer wearing a neck scarf is almost too much!  ..le sigh..

There's also these:


These planes are specifically marked as "high performance."  Oh yeah.  And, they have silly passengers on each plane!


These simple step by step kits are great for little hands!  Available in animals or people.

And, there's these if you just need some stickers!


Their website is really adorable too!


Have a spiffy and bright and cheery day!

-Child's Play