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Dress-up Wardrobe Update!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Time to freshen up those dress-up costumes, dresses, tutus, wands, slippers, purses, and whatever else your kids like playing make-believe in!  Here's the latest additions to our closet!

Birthday Princess Dress-Up Set, one size fits all  $24.99, also available in Pink

Know a birthday girl who needs to feel a little extra special on her big day?  This tutu, wand and headband set will perk the spirits of any birthday girl.  Also, the tutu is surprisingly soft!  No scratchy taffeta here.

Dreamy Dress with Peacock Wings, Size Small  $59.99

This outfit is so many dress up pieces in one!  With one simple piece you are instantly transformed into a beautiful butterfly.  The wings attached to the back of the dress have finger slips at the tips of the wings so you can gracefully flutter all about the house.  Instant childhood memories.

Pilot Costume by Melissa & Doug, Ages 3-6 years  $29.99

And, don't forget the boys!  We have pirate swag, knights' armor, fire chief outfits, cowboy hats and more for the creative boys in your life.  This Pilot costume is brand new from Melissa and Doug.  Includes the Uniform Jacket, Hat, Tie, Reusable Flight Checklist, Detachable Wing Pin and (our favorite part) a Steering Yoke!  

What was your favorite dress up outfit?

-Child's Play