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Easter Basket Featured Items!

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Wool Pets: needle felting kits for kids, ages 8+ $17.99

Create your own easter figurines! Have you tried needle felting? Start with a ball of wool, poke it with the barbed felting needles and watch your wool transform into a wool creation. Each kit includes supplies and instructions for a friendly critter. 

Matchbox Puzzles, Ages 6+ $2.99

Choose one or two puzzles to fill up your basket, or pick a handful to use as the featured item! Solve a tanagram puzzle or master a classic metal mind bender. 

Build and Paint a Birdhouse, Ages 5+ $12.99

An Easter basket gift you can enjoy all year! This classic kit is easy to assemble, leaving lots of time and energy for the fun part - painting and decorating! Tweet tweet!

What are you putting in your Easter baskets?

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