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Eat Your Veggies Day

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portland_baby_books_vegetables_sara_anderson Today is Eat Your Veggies Day!  What's your favorite veggies?  Around here we love broccoli, tomatoes and radishes!  And, we love veggies as toys too!


Get your kids on a healthy kick with the help of this wood and felt salad.  Great quality and made to last through multiple kids.  Nom nom nom!


If you're going to grow your own veggies (it's awesome, do it!) you'll need some tools for your little helpers.  Includes watering can, gloves, spade, shovel and rake.  We have a wheelbarrow and full size racks and shovels too!


Or, if you would prefer to not have little helpers (we understand) Angry Chicken did a great post about an impromptu nature scavenger hunt she had for her kids while she worked in the garden.  Awesome idea!

Have a fit and healthful day!

-Child's Play

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