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Fashion Angels: the trendiest craft kits!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We just got a shipment of Fashion Angels craft kits and they make us feel super cool! So many bright colors! So many patterns! Collage kits, fashion sketchbooks, pin art, washi tape, a paper deer trophy - so many cool things! Here's a few of our favorites. Stop in to see the whole selection! Oh, and hedgehog pillows! We almost forgot to mention the hedgehog pillows!

Tapeffiti Half Caddy, Ages 5+ $7.99

So much washi tape! and in the CUTEST designs! This kit includes 30 rolls. Need some direction for your washi crafts? Pick up one of the washi tape purse kits!

Make-Up Artist Sketch Portfolio Set, Ages 6+ $12.99

This kit is huge and looks really impressive. We highly recommend it for a six-year-old birthday party. Excellent impact, even better play value. The kit includes stencils, sketch sheets, "chroma stix" to color with and stickers. Fabulous!

Mod Collage, Ages 8+ $14.99

Use papers, trim, stickers and decorative gems to make your very own peace wall art kit. This kit screams "I am eight years old and I'm going to decorate my room myself!" It's pretty fantastic.

Squishy Hedgehog Pillow $17.99

Last but definitely not least, a photo realistic, squishy hedgehog pillow. The photo does not do it's cuteness justice. Stop in to give it a cuddle.

-Child's Play