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Father's Day is on Sunday!

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Daddy Cuddles and Daddy Kisses by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben  $5.95

For a new dad this set of board books is a sweet reminder of all the love Father's Day represents. In the stories, each animal dad shows how he cuddles and nuzzles his baby. The San Fransisco Chronicle calls these stories "a grand celebration of love." 

Anteater Antics, Ages 4+  $29.99

Can't you imagine dad playing this with the kids?! In this active game, use your memory to find a match then catch your ant and race it back to the table. Build memory skills and dexterity while having fun and wearing hilarious hats. 

Rock Tumbler by Science Tech, Ages 8+  $59.99

Dad and the kids will have so much fun polishing some true gems! Truly, they will! Use the rocks included with the tumbler or collect your own. Polish them up for craft projects like jewelry or key rings, or just add them to your collection. The exclusive safety dome protects small fingers - totally safe for the kids (and dad.)

What are you getting your dad?

-Child's Play