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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

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Did you sing the song in your head when you read the title? Of course! Did you picture Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid singing it? Now you are. Pretty great, huh? Anyway, back on topic. It's hot out there! So, you're going to need outside toys that involve water. You'll also need sunblock, drinks with ice and probably bendy straws for the drinks. We can help with the toys. Here are a few favorites, check our Summer Fun section to find all our top outside in the sunshine toys.

Pumponator: Water Balloon Pump, Ages 8+ $14.99

The Pumponator is the most hassle free way to fill and tie water balloons.  Fill the pump with water, slide the balloon on and pump it up!  Once the balloon is full, use the attached tying tool to easily make a knot.  Plus, it comes with 300 biodegradable balloons!  And, P.S. it was invented by a kid!

Grub Scouts Sprinkler by Melissa & Doug, also available in Flowers $19.99

Have some sprinkler fun with these friendly grub scouts! Adorable sprinkler from Melissa and Doug. Durable and trusty. Attach to the hose and you're ready to go!

Fire Power Hose Backpack, Ages 5+ $14.99

Looking for some "wild & crazy kids" style fun? Arm your water fight participant with a heavy duty water sprayer. This Fire Power Hose can shoot over 30 feet with just one pump! It's crazy cool. Seriously, look at the kid on the box. This is some intense fun!

What are your favorite warm weather toys?

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