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Flashback: Our Favorite Childhood Toys, part 3

ToysMegan PeronaComment

This week we’re waxing nostalgic about our staff and their favorite childhood toys!


Chrissy says playing with this phone is one of her most vivid childhood memories! The dial on the left lets you scroll through photos of Disney characters, then when you pick up the phone you can talk with the characters!  Unfortunately, the voice box in Chrissy's phone died, but her"dad did dead on Disney impersonations, esp. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  I would dial and he would talk."  That is the sweetest thing ever!

While we don't carry a Mickey Mouse telephone, we do have the Alphaberry!


"Learn your ABCs on your own PDA."  Push any button, and an easy to read letter appears on the screen as the letter is read aloud.  Plus, choose from 4 different versions of the alphabet song!  Auto-off and volume control included, of course.

Have a superb day!

-Child's Play