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Flashback: Our Favorite Childhood Toys, part 4

ToysMegan PeronaComment

This week we’re waxing nostalgic about our staff and their favorite childhood toys.  Today we have our owners favorite toy memories!


Dale, one of our owners, loved his Erector set and spent hours creating.  Erector sets are still available, and we have them in stock!  Triva note:  The inventor of the Erector set, A.C. Gilbert, was from Salem, OR!

Pat, the second half of our owner team, remembers when the REAL bake sets came on the market in the 1950s.  The package included small cake pans, a cupcake pan, some utensils and real cake mix.  "I really wanted this, but knew my parents couldn't afford to buy it for me because it was so expensive - $3.98.  So, I was elated when my Aunt Martha gave me one for Christmas!  My friend, Kate, and I baked many 'pastries' for our mothers.  We served those small delights with quite a flair!"

While we don't carry real bake sets, we do have Melissa & Doug's Wooden Cupcake Set.  Use a dry erase pen to decorate the top of each cupcake, then serve them up in their cupcake wrappers!  Don't forget to use the included oven mitt!


Have a terrific day!

-Child's Play