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Flying high!

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Swift Watch is on! The fun starts at Chapman at 6pm every night in September. Details on the Audubon website here. This is one of the best family events in town!

Glitter Birds Craft Kit by Djeco, Ages 7+ $19.99

Create your own beautiful birds at home! Sprinkle glitter over the images to make the birds twinkle. So pretty, yet so easy.

Put and Peek Birdhouse, Ages 9 months+ $32.99

Help your birds roost for the night, just like the swifts. Drop in and pull out four soft toys through the roof or front door. Lots of textures and colors to keep baby interested. Perfect for a baby shower or first birthday gift!

The Original TIM Flying Bird, Ages 7+ $14.99

It flies by flapping it's wings! Wind up the bird and let it soar. Powered by a replaceable rubber band, and based off of Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine. This classic toy is fun for all ages!


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