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Portland_toys_tomy_talking_photo_album Now your loved ones will never be too far away.  Place photos of family friends in the album, then have them record a sweet message for your little one.  When the pages are turned the messages will instantly play.  It also makes a cute camera click and baby giggle sound when the album is closed!  Rubber antenna, cute caterpillar and crinkle pages help keep baby’s attention.  4 x AA batteries required (just ask at the counter to purchase batteries.)


Let’s go fishing!  But, let’s just go fishing in the backyard.  This magnetic fishing set is as functional as it is beautiful.  Each fish is made from a different type of wood, and finished with a harmless linseed oil.  The finish gives a natural feel, scent and texture that is as safe as it is fun.  Plus, the faces on the fish are the happiest thing ever!  Great baby shower gift!


Bristle Blocks are one of our favorite beginning building toys.  More versatile than standard building blocks, easier to manipulate than Lego Duplos.  Shove the "bristles" together any which way to create sturdy structures and creative scenes.  Plus, it comes with 4 people and a dog to help transition from building to pretend play.

What are your favorite toys for the under 3 crowd?

Have a joy-filled day!

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