Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

For Your Weekend Enjoyment:

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He shoots!  He scores!  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!  This indoor/outdoor soccer game glides on a cushion of air.  With this unique hover action you can turn your low-pile carpet, wood floors, sidewalk, driveway and other smooth surfaces into your personal "Sport Court."  And, don't limit yourself to soccer - use the disk for air hockey, air bowling and more!  Soft-sided bumper to protect furniture and walls (plus it provides a great rebound!)


Looking for some calmer fun?  Gobblet Gobblers is full of strategy and a great first strategy board game.  Play just like Tic-Tac-Toe, except that you can gobble up  your opponent and move your pieces around the board when it's your turn to play.  Checkmate...oh, wrong game...oops.

Whoa Bots!, Ages 3+ $24.99

And, to keep the littlest ones busy, these Whoa-bots (ha, see what they did there?!) are a fun take on more traditional building blocks.  Stack, build and balance while improving motor skills.  Fun!  Handmade in America.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

-Child's Play