Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Friday Faves 2/22

ToysMegan PeronaComment

No matter how gray the day is, it's always fun in here!  For example... Toy_stores_in_portland_janod_story_set_circus

Roaring tigers!  Quick witted lion tamers!  A monkey on a unicycle!  And more!  Let your imagination run wild with this French-designed wooden circus set.  Available in Circus, Farm or Fire Station.  Test out the Farm set on our new Brio train table!


These coconut scented Scratch and Sniff stickers are like a tropical vacation for your nose!  One sniff and you're transported to deep blue water, sandy beaches and sunshine on your skin.  Lots of other scents available - strawberry, bubble gum, pizza, taco and more!


We just got a new Schleich order (the company who makes all the realistic looking animal figurines)!  The new 2013 figures include the bear pictured above, peacocks, yaks, brachiosauruses, triceratopes, koala bears and more!  There's some really beautiful horses too!

Those are our favorite things this week!  What about you?

Have a lovely weekend!

-Child's Play