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Friday Faves 3/8

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We're loving the sunshine outside!  So, how appropriate is this new favorite game?! Toys_in_Portland_hello_sunshine_game

Hello Sunshine is the newest ThinkFun game, a.k.a. the people who brought you Rush Hour, Roll & Play, Chocolate Fix and more!  The game is simple:  Pick a card, hide sunshine, have fun finding sunshine.  But, amongst all the fun it teaches your toddler positional words (like in, on, below, next to...), how to follow directions and gross motor skills.  This is an excellent first game!  Fun for baby, fun for older siblings and fun for you!


Our next favorite thing is an old favorite - FrogHoppers!  Flip the frogs into the bucket.  Whoever gets the most frogs in wins!  Easy, quick and fun!  We have to agree with the box, it's "a very fun game that will make you flip!"


Another classic favorite - The Book of Cards for Kids.  Learn to play 35 great card games, some you might know like Go Fish, Concentration and Blackjack, and rarities like Chase the Ace, Smudge and Frogs in the Pond.  Card games are a great way to learn strategy, fine motor skills (shuffling cards), how to keep score, and Solitaire is a great tool to keep yourself busy on a rainy day.  The book also comes with a special deck of cards made just for little ones.  The cards are just a smidge bigger than normal for easy handling, and the symbols and numbers are extra-large and color coded.


We love this guy too!  He's a pen!  And, a flamingo - just like the ones arriving at the zoo on March 23rd!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

-Child's Play