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Friday Faves! Bubble edition!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Good day, Sunshine!  Today we are jonesin' to get outside!  What about you?  And, bubbles.  We are jonesin' for some bubbles.  Lucky for us, we have our spring selection in stock.  Look for it near the Easter toys! Toy_Stores_in_Portland_fubbles_bubble_guitar

Play a song and blow bubbles!  Awesome!  Choose from 3 different songs, push go and strum along.  Play with or without bubbles.  This would make a rockin' Easter basket gift!


These are our favorite bubbles.  High quality and made in Germany, even the littlest bubble blowers (2+) can get a good stream of bubbles going!  Absolutely perfect for a day at the park!


Bubble Machine!  What kid wouldn't love a bubble machine?!  Honestly, what adult wouldn't love a bubble machine?  Fill it up and watch the machine blow a "buzzillion" bubbles!  Can you imagine how magical an outdoor Easter egg hunt would be with a bubble ambiance?  OMG!  Plus, this no-spill version makes play and clean up easy.

Have a hippity hoppity weekend!

-Child's Play