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Friday Faves: Get Outside!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Hey there!  Hi there!  Ho there!  We're as happy as can be!  It's Friday!  What are you planning for this weekend?  We're planning on helping all our customers fill their day with a little extra FUN!  How will we do that, you ask.  Like this: Portland_kids_DIY_bat_house_kit

Build your own bat house!  In less than an hour you can build your own 18" x 12" single cell bat house, which can house up to 30 bats!  All you need to provide is a hammer.  Education wrapped in fun!  P.S.  Did you know bats consume up to 500 insects per hour!


Let's go fly a kite!  You could even head to the Rockaway Beach Kite Festival this weekend!  This butterfly kite is beautiful, and the 51" wingspan is mighty impressive!  And, since we're talking about butterflies, this butterfly post from Megan at Pink O'Clock is beautiful.  Highly recommended read for the day.


Or, if you'd rather stay inside, this garden themed board game should hit the spot!  Everyone works together to collect all the nectar drops and beat the bear to the hive!  Already have Buzz?  Try one of Peaceable Kingdom's other cooperative games!

That looks like quite a bit of fun!  Come say hi and let us help you find some fun!

Have a super FUN weekend!

-Child's Play