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Friday Faves: Pets

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Have you marked your calendars for our Toys for Paws event on May 4th?!  Here's the details: Portland_Family_Events_toys_for_paws

So, in preparation for the event we've got Pets on the brain!  Here's a few of our favorite pet-themed items!


They're a little hard to see in the photo, but those are live butterflies flying inside that garden!  Live butterflies that those children, potentially you and your children, hatched from caterpillars!  Buy the garden, send in for the caterpillars (available any time of year), then follow the simple, enclosed instructions and watch a truly amazing transformation.  We've hatched several butterflies in the store, so if you have any questions or curiosities, feel free to ask!


None of us have a real-live crocodile, but we all have lots of practice at pulling pretend crocodile teeth!  First, open wide.  Next, take turns pushing one tooth at a time.  But, watch out - you never know when the crocodile might CHOMP!  Fun and hilarious!  Plus, no loose parts - take it in the car, to the park or camping!


Stamps are awesome.  Pets are awesome.  So, when we combine them we get SUPER AWESOME pet stamps!  The handle and soft foam stamp make these easy for even the littlest artists.  Includes 8 stamps and 2 stamp pads.

What are your favorite pet themed toys?  Check back next week for more pet-themed posts!

Have a sunshine and good times filled weekend!  Maybe have a picnic...

-Child's Play